One of the things I got out of yesterday was the realisation that I really could be getting/giving more on my portfolio website ( @sylviamorrisillustration ) and I’m not sure how it’s all going to pan out, but for a while I’ll probably be trying different things on here, and on my portfolio tumblr and who knows how it’ll work.

But, basically, on my ~professional~ online presence, I’ve been making it all about the pictures. Which is cool in the sense that the pictures are the most important thing, but there’s more? The industry is made up of people, and they like to connect with you as a person. Anyway, I’m going to be messing around with things and I’m giving you all a heads up even though I don’t quite know what the heads up is for…


digital sketch of harriettstella’s Red linen and buttercups 

It was meant to be a quick study of light and colour but hey it turns out those things are hard so I spent maybe two hours on this? it’s meant to get quicker with practise though, right? everyone send me your prettily lighted photos and i will sketch them! (this is not a promise)

my soundtrack while sketching was Missy Higgins’ Oz (try this song, it’s fun.)