#PoeParty fanperks?


Also, remember how we did fan perks for #SaveAlice? I was thinking about doing something like that for #PoeParty except a) no one really cared about my fan perks last time and b) Shipwrecked seems to be doing very well on their own.

But, would anyone be interested in me giffing any YouTube video (for example a video of you and your friends doing something cool, or just a moment in a web series or other youtube video that you wish someone would gif and no one will do it for you) in exchange for you making a donation to the #PoeParty kickstarter? If so, how much would you be willing to donate for me to make it and post it on one of my blogs? how much would you be willing to donate for me to make it and let you post it on your blog (with proper credit)? Remember if we did this you could get whatever reward Shipwrecked is offering at that rewards tier as well as a gifset as something extra.

I don’t actually think anyone would potentially be interested in something like this but I thought I’d offer since I did it for Classic Alice and I am Shipwrecked Comedy trash. If you are interested though, please send me an ask or message me at @unacaritafeliz.

Okay so I’d vaguely been thinking of offering something similar and I’d be willing to help out on the creation side of things. I’d be offering simple fan art (like most of my Hamilton pieces, or my Serena piece) for either Shipwrecked stuff or other shows you wish fan art existed for. You could (within reason) suggest the situation/dialogue I’m drawing as well as the character.

People keen? Should we start talking about which reward tiers? I’d only be able to offer a limited set of these because they take time and I have things I need to do and stuff. But yeah.


Announcing Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Fanart Contest!

Hungry dinner party attendees! We are hereby hosting a fanart contest as a part of our Poe Party campaign. Draw your favorite author that’s been revealed, what you think might be going down at the party, your own version of the logo–whatever your creative brain desires!

The Shipwrecked team will be judging the entries based on how well they capture the essence of the Poe Party, not on artistic merit, so artists of all skill levels may apply!

Be sure and include the kickstarter link in your post and tag it #poeparty to be eligible for consideration. Entries are due Friday, February 19th at midnight PST, and a winner will be chosen by the following Monday. The winner will receive a signed character poster of their choice from the campaign!

Happy drawing, and be sure to bring your appetite…for murder!

I would like to add that Shipwrecked are always lovely about fan art. They are so enthusiastic and joyous about it (regardless of how technically skilled it is) which I have been enormously grateful for over the last two years. It’s basically just a big circle of love. 

So if you’re hovering on the fence – it’s probably worth making something 🙂