Late last year I made some fan art for set dressing for the I Ship It series.

My goal was to create pieces that the main character(s) might have picked up at conventions, so I worked in as wide a range of styles as I could, trying my hardest to not make them look like they were all made by the same person.

It was a lot of fun. Maybe the most fun I’ve ever had working on a project. If I do a little self reflection that’s probably because (a) I like to know that my art’s gonna be appreciated or used somehow and (b) because I really like to be able to experiment and I felt totally free to do that. You don’t often get (a) and (b) at the same time. I’m still really proud of some of these pieces. Others I’m like ‘eh’ but hey, that’s improvement for you.

Anyway, the show is live on CW Seed now (it’s region locked to the US but you can use a VPN. I’ve been using ZenMate and it’s a little slow but I haven’t had any real problems.) And it is great. It has lots of cool songs, interesting characters and made me feel things I’m still trying to work out. Go watch it and then come squeal with me about the characters.

My art crops up in a few different places but this screenshot was the most fun:


Books I don’t own.

Do you ever go to your bookshelf to pick up a particular book and realise with sudden shock that you don’t own it?

Well perhaps it has never happened to anyone else but it happened to me today. I wanted to skim through Pride and Prejudice to check something. Note: I wasn’t even going to read it because I’ve read it so many times, I just wanted to check a detail. I was sure I owned it. If anyone had asked me this morning which Austen books I own, I would have listed it. But then, as I tried to recall the physical book I realised that I’d read several different copies of it: one a large print from the library, one a small print from the library, one on my kindle* and one on wikisource. How had this happened? More importantly, how was this not the first time this had happened? A few months ago I looked for Ender’s Game and realised I didn’t own a copy of that either.

So I’m going to make a list of books that I should own – books that everyone should own – and that I think I own but actually I don’t.

For starters:
Pride and Prejudice
Ender’s Game

Anyone got any other suggestions?

*Yes, I’m aware that owning a book on kindle is one form of owning a book but I like to own books in physical format too.