I uh… may have edited @personalspaceshow‘s Second Shift Mission Badge (seen in action here) and also (finally) supported the Personal Space Kickstarter.

Do you love diverse webseries, sci fi and Sean Persaud? And have money you are not in need of? Go check it out now. They’re in their final days! Don’t put it off like I did!

NB: This badge was designed by Susie Thai (@susiethai). I did not design this badge. It is an edit. Please don’t think I designed it. 

Yulin Kuang’s As I Walked Out One Evening fading into my fanart.

Inspired by lies version, I really wanted to make a fading version for myself so I could see where my art lined up well, and where it was vastly different. It seems the main things I changed were the horizon and the value of the path vs trees. Also I gave MK and Sean a bigger height difference than they actually have. (And we used a different canvas ratio so I cropped the still.)

My 10 favourites of 2014:

the way he’s touching her feels too much like goodbye.

This is fanart of Shipwrecked Comedy’s Kissing in the Rain. And if you haven’t watched this yet, I don’t know why not because I’ve gone on about it enough times.

My favourite thing about this one was honestly the background, I felt like I hit the right balance of giving them a setting without distracting from the kissing. That’s really thanks to whoever was in charge of this set though, so Yulin or Sarah Grace Hart and also Zack Wallnau on camera I guess. I really don’t know much about movies so I don’t know who to thank. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR SUCH A PRETTY WEBSERIES.