one moment. (see: low res gif)

one moment. by Sylvia Morris (she/her)

Accompanying music (by Son Lux) here. Please listen – the gifs really were created to accompany the music.

Video version on youtube

The video is kind of jerky – I used iMovie to make it by panning across a single picture. If anyone knows how to make it smooth, let me know!

I had a lot of ideas for how to respond to this assignment and most of them were about the How, rather than the What. The track instantly reminded me of a busy, city night, and that moment of connection that two strangers can have when they accidentally meet each others eyes (in laughter, fear, frustration or just… nothing particular).

I really wanted to do a panorama because (a) I wanted to capture both faces, and (b) I was thinking of spinny-kisses (in particular Yulin Kuang’s Ode video) but platonic. And the flickering nature of the music made me really want to do a gif so I could capture the flickering of city lights and that stationary moment type feeling. Hence the two versions of the assignment: one a panorama video, the other a flickering gif. 

Now to check out what everyone else has done for this collab 🙂