Singapore Reflections

I had Big Plans for sketching in Singapore. I wanted it to be like my Europe sketchbook (12) but with a way higher pictures to days ratio, and in colour. I had visions of making a beautiful stop-motion video of sketches appearing on a desk, taking you all on a journey through my trip.

As it is I came back with a lot of sketchy scribbles and colour notes and photos and ideas, and things that mean a lot to me.  There were a lot of lessons about materials (crayons melt in the heat) and sketching methods (as above: using memories instead of actual material can help me narrow down a picture to its key elements instead of overworking). And I learned some more about the sorts of things I want to make.

But I didn’t end up with a lot that I really want to share. So I’ll just leave you with this, and a link to my instagram for the two sketches I posted while away.

Every now and then you just gotta set some harsh limitations on yourself. In this case, a (pre-made) sketchbook sketch, and a playlist that lasted 32 minutes. 

I think I needed to focus on making myself work slowly and carefully for a while there. There’s a time and place for that. But there also needs to be a time and place for coloured, ‘rendered’ art that’s not perfect, just done. I’ve been overthinking that stage of the process. And this was fun 🙂

6. Isaac Levitan, Stormy Day (1897)

7. John Singer Sargent, A Street in Venice (1882)

8. Photo from @pisces-texte 

Also two more that will not be scanned and uploaded because… eugh.

This is… harder… and taking longer than anticipated. Kinda feels like maybe I should have tried to paint simpler things first? Anyway. Finally moving on to the next lesson’s homework. But I really think that in order to improve I’m mostly just going to have to paint more regularly.

Tease-Rex and Maple Rose at Dr Sketchy’s in Melbourne last night! 

I’ve been wanting to go to a Dr Sketchy’s since I first discovered Molly Crabapple, and I’ve been intending to go since I moved to Melbourne. Last night, finally, I actually went and I had a great time. Everyone was friendly, the atmosphere was relaxed, and drawing was the good kind of struggle 🙂