It feels like it’s time again, to make a list of inspiring illustrators/artists. A 2017 list is here, and a 2015 one here. Most of those still apply and many of the following I already liked. But anyway, here’s who has been particularly inspiring me lately:

Victoria Semykina : vivid and striking collage-y fun. Her work challenges me to stretch myself further and care about things and figure out what things I care about.

James Gurney : masterful imaginative realism, you know him from Dinotopia. It’s not like I’ve ever not been inspired by him. But it’s been more of a focussed inspiration lately! And his blog and YouTube are filled with useful information.

Pam Smy : bold thoughtful greyscale. I bought her book off the basis of like one illustration I loved it so much. Her line vs texture vs shading is fascinating and all her characters have such emotion to them.

Andrea Serio : !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s it guys. His art just blows me away. 

Charlotte Ager : weird bright mixed media. Her work is more abstract and sketchy-messy than I usually like but some of it (landscapes/architecture particularly) just astounds me in its perfection. A reminder that all the styles of art can be good.

Some others I feel like I’m maybe on the cusp of getting really into: Laura Carlin, William Grill, and Dominique Corbasson.