Whitescapes: Part 1

A response to Odili Donald Odita’s Art Assignment

I’ve been meaning to make a mobile to hang from this sticky hook ever since we moved into this apartment and discovered it there.

The Materials:

I knew that any objects I chose must be light enough that I wouldn’t worry about my mobile breaking this sticky hook (of which I know nothing) from the ceiling. And I decided that they must still feel ‘white’ when I placed them on the desk in preparation.

I needed something to act as a base, and I didn’t have anything white (other than heavy ceramics) to serve that purpose, so I wrapped up an old damaged soccer ball in a white jumper.


The Process:

I built haphazardly, trying to create something with a spread of heights and distances but not allowing myself to change anything after I’d hung it.

The Outcome:

In the end I liked how it felt like a world, perhaps with little communities or utilities hanging off the side. It reminded me a little of each of Luminocity (computer game) and The Edge Chronicles (books).

As far as the colours go, it seems that most things feel yellowy compared to the bright shiny white of new white socks and scrunched printer paper. But I’ve only just hung it up. I’ll report back in a week or so.

close your eyes, step through.

In response to Maria Gaspar’s Art Assignment – Body in Place

There’s a little corner of trees (casuarinas, I think) that I walk through most days. They’re tucked between the zoo wall, a tram track and the hockey/netball centre. They don’t make a very big forest. Sometimes when I step in, if the wind is blowing gently, I close my eyes and pretend I’m in the country. I’m really glad this mini forest exists, and it often makes me happy, but sometimes that happiness is temporary and I’m left with sadness instead. 

So I overlaid two photos together, to give some sense of that tension.