the last dragonslayer

I don’t really mean to be a book review site because I prefer reading books to writing critically about them. Nonetheless, I read The Last Dragonslayer by Jasper Fforde and it’s a pretty amazing book so I thought you all should know. I really like Jasper Fforde as an author but I’d never read anything he’d written specifically for YA. This one definitely felt more like it was aimed at middle grade or YA but his humour worked just as well. I feel like most of his books are equally accessible to adults and teens, though, so it wasn’t too surprising.

One of my favourite things was the creation of a world in which people are judged by their maturity and so the main character was considered mature enough to get a drivers licence at 13. I always wished I could be judged purely on my maturity, rather than my age, so it was just the kind of idea that made me smile.

I loved the main character and her side kick. I loved all of the bit part characters. I really just loved the whole thing.
Yep. That is all.