The Picture A Day Plan (Day 5)

Topic: Doc Martin/Cornwall village life (not that I used it at all)
Type: Practise

Today I was practising drawing in front of people. Ordinarily, I am happy to draw in front of a very small group of people – my husband, my immediate family, and maybe three friends (all women). That’s also probably the largest group I can show my art to without getting a stomach ache. But we have a (male) friend staying with us for the weekend and… it was hard. Not that he is even vaguely a judgey type person, but it’s just hard for me to step out of that comfort zone. It’s hard for me to identify as an artist. It’s hard for me to identify as an artist because I constantly feel that someone is going to look over and raise their eyebrows and silently think (or openly state) “oh, really??” I feel like you have to hit a certain level before claiming you’re an artist or… idk, you’re just ridiculous and self indulgent. And I know that’s not true. But… you know.