Rotating Gallery #7

I like to hope most Australians will instantly recognise this but for the rest of you…

This piece belongs to a book entitled Possum Magic, written by Mem Fox and illustrated by Julie Vivas. Hush, the little possum, is turned invisible by Grandma Poss, which is great because she can have adventures and not be eaten by snakes. But when she asks Grandma Poss to turn her back visible again, Grandma Poss discovers she doesn’t know how. They go on an epic journey around Australia, eating all kinds of food, until Hush becomes visible again.

Rotating Gallery of Summer #4

From a piece by Stephen Michael King (aka maybe my favourite illustrator) in You.

This is the style I had originally envisioned from the project: more the sweeping strokes, composition, and line work rather than the other, more detailed, pieces I’ve done so far. 

I will probably be doing more like this because it’s just so much quicker and I still feel like I’m learning a lot. Plus, it looks nice and bold on the wall.