Rotating Gallery of Summer #4

From a piece by Stephen Michael King (aka maybe my favourite illustrator) in You.

This is the style I had originally envisioned from the project: more the sweeping strokes, composition, and line work rather than the other, more detailed, pieces I’ve done so far. 

I will probably be doing more like this because it’s just so much quicker and I still feel like I’m learning a lot. Plus, it looks nice and bold on the wall.

My 10 favourites of 2014:

love has no ending.

Fan art of Yulin Kuang’s fan movie of WH Auden’s  poem ‘As I Walked Out One Evening’. Watch it. And all the rest.

*(aivlysann is sylvia (in reverse) with my middle name ann tacked on.)

If you’re an artist looking to diversify your faces:


  1. click this link
  2. draw whomever you get
  3. don’t worry about making it super-accurate, just focus on the characteristic parts of the face and have fun
  4. the outcome might not look like the ref, but it will be different and more varied than faces you draw out of your head, an dprobably pretty rad on its own right!
  5. feel free to reblog with your drawing, if you want!