When I finished the sketch on the left, I pulled a muesli bar out of my bag and accidentally attracted all the birds in the vicinity. They weren’t super brave, they just milled about nearby, probably waiting for me to leave. And I was ready to go, so I started packing up all my stuff, turned around to see if I was going to leave anything on the ground behind me, and found myself nose to nose with an enormous swan. (I know, I know, all swans are enormous. This one seemed even bigger than normal though.)

I stood up hoping that would scare the swan away. And, like, maybe it worked? It didn’t seem super scared but it did start meandering away from me and I was feeling very proud of myself until I realised it was meandering towards a toddler. Who was eating a banana. Who was not paying much attention to the banana. Who had not noticed the swan at all. And I thought it was all gonna be fine, like she was standing on the edge of a group of people, what’s it gonna do? But then she waved her banana-holding-hand in the swan’s direction, and it nabbed the banana right from her hand. And this poor kid turned around to see a swan that was quite literally bigger than her and, reasonably, she freaked out. Fortunately her family swept in with an amused laugh and some reassuring comfort and all ended up fine. I still feel a little bad for her though.