Watching movies by WoC

Inspired by clavisa’s book list and my own growing awareness (mostly thanks to yulinkuang) that female directors have a tough time getting recognised by mainstream movie studios. (Okay so mostly I just wanted to submit Bran Nue Dae to clavisa’s book list but I don’t want her to have too much work to do…)

So! Submit movies to me! As with clavisa’s list, movies made by non-binary PoC are also welcome. (I am also considering making a list for movies by white women as well? idk, I feel like I watch very few movies by women at all.)

I get that making movies is kind of different to writing books in that you have a bunch more people involved in the movie. My main thought was this being for directors but let me know what you think.

Please send suggestions from any and all genres (though I will probably not watch any horror/thrillers, other people might want the recs anyway) and I’ll make a list sometime soonish.

So far my list only has:

(which I have already seen and can highly recommend).